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Pam Helps Flavor & The Menu Readers Win With Mushrooms

Flavor & The Menu readers get an extra edge for entering a winning burger in the Mushroom Council's 2021 Blended Burger Contest, in partnership with the Food Network -- thanks to insights from Chef Pam Smith, RDN.

“If you develop a Tuscan-style burger with pesto, you might lean toward a combination of portabella or crimini with white button mushrooms in the grind,” says Smith. “For a modern Japanese blended burger, it could be ahi tuna with shiitake or maitake mushrooms, along with the buttons.” She points to grass-fed beef and turkey as good partners here, too. “The mushrooms enable you to use lean meats because they are so delectable and juicy,” says Smith." Read the full article at: (May 2021)

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