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Buzzfeed: Giving Up Sugar

If you're giving up added sugar like Stephanie Hope did, you need Pam's expert advice to help you survive... and thrive! Here are a few thoughts from Stephanie's article: "Pam's main advice was that I need to focus on what (and when) to eat, rather than what to avoid. As she told me, eating smart throughout the day keeps the sweet tooth away. Pam explained that when your blood sugar is enabled to act like a roller coaster, your blood sugar will inevitably drop — and your body will crave something that is quick to spike it. I have to focus on stopping that back-and-forth of needing sugary, then savory, then sugary, then savory foods. My goal for the two weeks is also NOT to feel like I rely on sugar to feel energetic — and to get way better sleep. Here's how I could put that all into practice, according to my new BFF, Pam Smith: • Eat something right when I get up in the morning to start stabilizing my blood sugar. • Eat more frequently throughout the day. • Eat the right things at the right times. • Eat every two to two and a half hours, and avoid IBS trigger foods. • Drink WAY more water." Read the whole 2-week journey here:

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