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Flavor & The Menu... & Pam Smith!

Pam had the honor of being included in the Flavor & The Menu’s Top 10 Trends issue again this year! As part of their Panel of Experts, she shared her observations, insights, and hope for the Foodservice Industry — encouraging continued innovation after this most challenging year.

She was especially excited to contribute to trend #3: "Immunity on the Menu," and share some thoughts on trend #4: "Pimento Makes a Play" and trend #7: "Easy Bakes." For the Kitchen Collaborative, she created a recipe loaded with immunity-building flavor in every bite — “Toasted Barilla Orzo, Baby Spinach, Sweet Corn, and Berry Salad with Citrus-Seared Salmon” -- nutritious, delicious, and full of superfoods.

Huge shout outs to Managing Editor Katie Ayoub, Editor-in-Chief Cathy Holley, and their amazing Flavor & The Menu team, for bringing this issue to life with their their dedication, passion, and giftings! Bravo to all involved!

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