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FSR Magazine Article with Insights from Pam Smith, RDN: Pasta!

Charlie Pocagar of FSR Magazine determined that "the ultimate versatile comfort food is going nowhere but up." (November 1, 2020)

For the full article on "Why Pasta will Continue to Soar in 2021", go here.

“Pasta, and especially dry pasta, is shelf stable,” says Pam Smith, RDN at Shaping America’s Plate, Inc. Smith is a nutritionist with a culinary background who serves as consultant to the foodservice industry. “Pasta is the ultimate versatile, low-labor, and consistent product that chefs can work with."
There is an endless number of dishes that can be made with pasta, too, Smith says. With consumer data showing a craving for comfort foods and health and wellness, Smith says that pasta can help operators achieve something healthy, yet filling.
“A foundation for health and wellness is what I like to call ‘pasta-plus,’” Smith says. “Diners often avoid certain health foods because they’re afraid that it won’t fill them up. With pasta, you don’t have that issue. So if you can marry it with seafood or vegetables and give pasta a health halo, a diner looking for something healthy but filling, is in luck.”

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Image source: Barilla.

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