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New Year, New Site!

We take care of things from sourcing to the guest's intent to return. - Chef Cliff Pleau, Shaping America's Plate, Inc.

Shaping America's Plate has stepped into 2021 with a new website! As a hub for the culinary partnership and industry intelligence of Pam Smith, RDN and Chef Cliff Pleau, and the support and experience of Nicole Talbott and Stephanie Ford, the Shaping America's Plate team is ready to bring your culinary visions to life with Innovation, Delicious Wellness, Sustainability, and tangible Solutions!

Whether it's ideating and developing a restaurant concept, re-designing and re-launching a menu, hosting a virtual culinary demo or cooking class -- and everything in between! -- we are excited to collaborate with you as your experienced and networked one-stop-shop.

How can we collaborate to help you reach your mission this year?

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